Hey! Im Jack Fire! Or formally Jack Embers, I'm a Fire Spirit, if you didn't catch on! yeah the whole dying and coming back to life thing, but hey on the plus side I'm pretty hot *wink* so stop by~ and chat for awhile~ I do so love making new friends y'know.

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Smut: i sure do, but very rarely

Sexuality: Bi, but he has more of a preference for guys

//Mun: My independent OC for Rise of the Guardians. feel free to talk ooc and ic

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» Things My Muse Doesn't Want To Hear ||Starter Sentences||
"I cheated on you.."
"Your (insert relation here) died last night/this morning/this afternoon at (insert time here)."
"I've found someone else, and I'm not sorry that I did, either."
"The baby didn't make it."
"You're a fucking monster, and I don't want anything to do with you."
"I slept with my ex last night."
"He/She asked me to marry him/her, and... and I said 'yes'."
"I don't want to see you again."
"The baby's not yours.."
"I'm sorry, but we shouldn't be together anymore.."
"My parents found out about us, and they said that I'd better break up with you, so I'm sorry, but we're over now."
"I have cancer.. and I've been given only 3 weeks left.."
"We've been robbed!"


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» Send Me One (angsty hurt/ill sentence starters; trigger warnings may apply)
"Everything hurts..."
"Please, no more!"
"Augh... I think it's broken.."
"What sort of monster does this to a person?"
"Who did this to you?"
"No, please no! NO---Aaaugh!!!"
"They... they hurt me..."
"They didn't even ask me any questions..."
"I feel terrible..."
"It's nothing, just a scratch."
"Why is the room spinning?"
"I need to lie down..."
"You should lie down!"
"Oh, stop screaming! You're only annoying me!"
"Shhh, shhh, hush--it's okay; you're safe now!"
"No one will ever hurt you again. I swear it."
"Make the pain stop... make it stop!"
"'Stop'? Why on earth would I do a thing like that?"
"I don't feel so well..."
"____, you're hurt. You need to rest."
"You don't look so good... You feeling okay there, buddy?"
"Hold still and take a few deep breaths. This is going to hurt..."
"Don't struggle--you'll only make it worse!"
"Don't struggle--I'm trying to help you!"
"Oh my--you're bleeding everywhere!"
"Oh, boo, you got blood on the carpet!"
"Do you need me to hold your hair back while you vomit?"
"I feel like I'm gonna puke..."
"It's fine, I'm fine. Nothing to worry about!"
"'Tis but a scratch!"
"A scratch?! You're hurt--badly!"
"We need to get you to a doctor, looks like..."
"Good thing I have medical experience, or you'd be in a helluva lot of trouble!"
"Ooh... My head..."
"I'm pretty sure you've got the flu..."
"I'mma... I'm gonna---ACHOOOO!!!"
"I've been told I only have a few months to live..."
"If this kills me, I want you to have my ______."
"AUGH! Don't touch it!"
"It hurts so bad..."
"Tell me, what did I do to deserve this...?"
"I fell, honest."
"Oh, stop fussing! I'm fine, really!"
"You came for me...I thought... I'd been abandoned, but... you came..."
"Please... please, just kill me... I beg you..."
"Perhaps we should just put him/her out of his/her misery...?"
"Good people don't hurt others... Not like this."
"We're the good guys, don't you get it?! We're not supposed to hurt people, we're supposed to help them!"
"Why are you doing this?!"
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when youโ€™re reading porn and you canโ€™t tell what position their bodies are supposed to be in and youโ€™ve lost track of all limbs and youโ€™re just




Disney Costume Changes



Seriously tho


Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi
Teen Titans Theme Song
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Teen Titans Theme Song

Left Ear: Japanese, Right Ear: English



Iโ€™m not that much of a Teen Titans guy but gosh this is really cool


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aaahโ€ฆ well. iโ€™m not exactly good at explaining things. just look at my million examples instead. )โ€”โ€”:

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Fan Expo 2014 cosplays!

Junko - Danganronpa

Satsuki, Ryuko and Jakuzure - Kill La Kill

Jakuzure - Kill La Kill

Erza - Fairy Tail

Genderbent!Ruby - RWBY

Shiro - Deadman Wonderland

Sam and Danny - Danny Phantom

Rin - Free!


Vine knows what to doโ€ฆ

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Pros of long hair: rlly soft after showers

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